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Dr. Chang is now performing Neograft Hair Restoration in Rehoboth!

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Vein Procedures

Nouveau Vein utilizes new technologies for the treatment of spider veins as well as varicose veins, leg pain and swelling. We offer minimally invasive laser treatments, sclerotherapy, and in office procedures that involve no hospitalization and no downtime.

Skin Procedures

Nouveau Skin focuses on both skin cancer prevention and wrinkle prevention. The skin cancer prevention program encompasses the importance of sunscreen, total body screening with total body photography, biopsies and nonsurgical and surgical treatment of skin cancers. The skin wrinkle prevention program ranges from prescriptive skin care, chemical peels, intense pulse light therapy, botox/dysport, fillers, Exilis elite/Thermage skin tightening and the office based surgical Nouveau Lift for facial rejuvenation without general anesthesia.

Hair Procedures

Nouveau Hair specializes in automated Follicular Unit Extraction (FEU) using NeoGraft technology. There are no incisions, no pain and no swelling involved.

Welcome to Nouveau Vein, Skin & Hair

Looking good and feeling good is achieved with our team of experts to help with your needs. Veins, skin and hair are our areas of focus. Don' t ever feel embarrassed about showing off your legs with our treatment of varicose veins and other vein related cosmetic conditions. The importance of skin health is essential. We take a proactive approach in the prevention of skin cancer and wrinkles. Thorough skin screenings are conducted with a comprehensive treatment plan. This includes wrinkles as well, our specialty is wrinkle prevention and state of the art treatment of wrinkles. Regimens are designed for your individual needs.

Our latest addition is in the area of hair rejuvenation, thinning hair or a balding head can be addressed with our latest technology using hair implantation or laser hair rejuvenation. We work with you towards your goal to looking good and feeling good.

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